Living History Reenactments

In addition to our regular tours, we have Living History reenactments four weekends a year.

  • Friends of Ft. Selden - Dressed in authentic Army uniforms of the 1870's.Shooting demonstrations! 
  • Gun Fights of the Old West By the Paso Del Norte Pistoleros
  • Hopper-Shannon - Historical Blacksmith
  • Works in the Shakespeare Blacksmith Shop.


"Just One Diamond" - During the diamond swindle days Curley Bill killed one of his hired fighting men in a fight started by a Dance Hall Girl.

"Death Over An Egg" - In 1879 Ross Woods was shot and killed in the dining room of the Stratford Hotel by Bean Belly Smith.

"Happy Bob Passes On" - Happy Bob Fambro was killed by bartender Jim Caroll in a fight over mining claim boundaries.

"Right Here To These Timbers" - Sandy King and Russian Bill were hanged to the timbers of the Grant House dining room for reasons rooted in the violent past.

"The Hanging Of Arkansas Black"
Robert Black, who had been visiting a certain lady, was strung up three times in an effort to make him leave town.

"The Silver Nuggets Visit Shakespeare"
Beautiful Can Can girls greeted with riotous enthusiasm by rowdy cowboys and miners.

"Death Of A Government Contractor"
Curly Bill Brocius and a Mexican Outlaw argue with a Government Contractor over a cattle deal.

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