Tour Calendar

The guided tour of the buildings takes about  1 1/2 hours. Visitors may then walk the marked trails to see other foundations, stage coach trail and spring water well. Visitors may climb the small hill to view the town as a whole and see the mines to the south. Wear comfortable shoes.

2018 - 2019 Tour Dates
Tours begin 10:00 am and 2:00 pm, Mountain Time*
only on the dates listed below.

October 13 & 14

November 10 & 11
December 8 & 9

January 12 & 13
February 9 & 10
March 9 & 10
April 13 & 14
May 11 & 12
June 8 & 9
July 13 & 14
August 10 & 11
September 7 & 8
October 12 & 13
November 9 & 10
December 7 & 8

Shakespeare will close, for a brief period, after the morning tour and reopen prior to the 2 pm tour.
  • Please read Important Tour Information, below, prior to your arrival.


  • Regular Monthly Tour Admission $4.00 Adult - $3.00 Ages 6 Through 12.
  • Reservations or pre-purchased tickets are not required for admission to Shakespeare. Just arrive at the gate and you'll be able to join a tour on the tour dates and times listed above.
  • Due to very dry weather conditions during certain times of the year, there are very severe and deadly dust storms on Interstate 10 to and from the Arizona Border to Deming, NM., including the Lordsburg area, that has closed down or diverted traffic on that part of the Interstate.  Check NM Road conditions at

Important Tour Information!

  • We are no longer able to provide private tours.
  • All public tours are strictly scheduled and are only conducted on the specific dates listed above. We are not open on any other day and no other tour dates are available.
  • We have docents that will provide our regular Monthly Tours on the dates listed above.
  • However, to lessen the disappointment of being unable to see an original ghost town, there is a near-by Ghost Town at Exit 3 on I-10 West near the Arizona Border, Steins Ghost Town. Steins Ghost Town is open by advance appointment only, and may have a date suitable for your visit. Steins can also be seen as you leave the Interstate at the Steins Exit 3. Call Melissa at 602-821-8495, or visit Steins Ghost Town web site for additional information.

A reminder to the people who attempt to visit Shakespeare on days there are not any tours.
  • Unescorted, unscheduled, drop-in or walk-thru visits are not available and not permitted. The fenced boundaries of the town are separate from the thousands of fenced acres of cattle range around the town but is still a part of the Shakespeare property. There are safety and liability concerns when you do not have an escort within all of the property boundaries. There is an abundance of rattle snakes, animals and mine borings and shafts that can cause you injury or death. There is also the current danger of drug mules walking from the border into the Lordsburg area. You do not want to come across any person walking on the range.
  • The 2015 & 2016 5.0+ Earthquakes in this area caused structural damage to at least 2 buildings in the town and they are closed during the non tour days. The damaged buildings may look safe, but they are not.
  • This post serves as a warning that any type of injury or death is your responsibility and the responsibility of your heirs, not the owner or Foundation of Shakespeare. If you are injured there is no one that will hear your calls for help or come to your assistance.  You will probably die there.
  • Unauthorized entrance to the town and surrounding land is not permitted. Trespassing is a criminal offense and will be enforced.  Unauthorized removal or destruction of historic items or property will be charged to the fullest extent of many Federal and State laws protecting a National Historic Site.
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